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suki1979's Journal

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  • suki1979@livejournal.com
Just joined to talk to people with similar interests, I've not much time to spend on LJournal but I hope to mix well. I'm a big fan of slash fiction, love reading gay novels and QAF UK/US fanfiction. My fav is the UK version but love the whole Michael/Brian thing in the US remake - hate Justin though, ruined it a bit for me. Aidan Gillen, Emmett C Scanlan (I've a thing for Irish men) and Adam Rodriguez is my idea of HOT, HOT, HOT! Also recently became obsessed with Archer, Being Human, Downton Abbey, Dantes Cove, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, The Lair, Merlin and CSI:Miami- just can't get enough of 'em. My fave authors include Ally Blue, J.L.Langley, Jourdan Lane, Joely Skye, Kate Steele, Alex Sanchez, Ronald L. Donaghe, Mark Kendrick, Hal Bodner, Jesse Hajicek and Mark A. Roeder, Carol Lynne - see a pattern yet? Lol! Newest passion: Aaron/Jackson pairing in Emmerdale and Brendan/Ste from Hollyoaks, just too hot for TV. New newest passion is Eric Delko from CSI: Miami, so glad he is returning for S9. Brendan and Ste from Hollyoaks are easy on the eye too- Emmett is a fantastic actor and Irish to boot- lol! Dallas new look rocks too imo xoxo